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3 Benefits of Facilities Management System for your business

What is facilities management?

Facilities management refers to the processes used to maintain and manage the facilities used by an organization during the day to day running of the business.

Why is it vital to your business?

Facilities management allows a business to keep their finger on the pulse and properly co-ordinate timely maintenance of assets to ensure longer usability and reduce the total cost of ownership. In the UK alone market research suggests that the facilities management sector is worth between £40bn and £95bn per annum. In recent years the awareness of facilities management has heightened due to the media coverage of PFI/PPP initiatives and financial divisions within organisations understanding the true benefit it has to the business.

1.Paperless Management Means No Task Left Behind

A Facilities Management System allows you to manage multiple tasks and schedules without the requirement of maintaining paper records. Paper-based records can quickly become a mammoth task to handle, and with multiple tasks and assets to schedule and monitor, it can become an impossible demand to maintain. An online system can become a much safer way of organizing your tasks, with the ability to back up your information and save it all in one centralized location.

2.Environmentally Friendly

As part of their environmental CSR strategies, many companies are being careful in their use of paper-based materials, and shifting facilities management into a computer-aided system will allow businesses to significantly reduce their usage of paper in the workplace and lower their carbon footprint.

3.Improve Your Productivity

Operational Managers can drastically improve their productivity with an all-in-one facilities management system. By managing an entire business facility in one place, tasks can be assigned throughout the management staff and be monitored from a strategic level.

An all-in-one system will eliminate the need to gather data from multiple sources and allow businesses to manage multiple channels and workflows, improving productivity across a large organization.

As your business grows, your offices get bigger and you take on more staff facilities management becomes absolutely imperative; facilities management now represents 5% of the global GDP so its importance should never be underestimated.

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