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Genius AI-Driven UAS MiDAgS™ a Boon for Agriculture and 4IR

Agriculture has been a mainstay of human civilisation; we have redefined the agronomic value chain, showcasing our AI-Powered Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) that has capabilities engineered with boundless imagination and possibilities.

The platform brings together the twin frontiers of technology, AI and Robotics, into the plantation arena, and is a leap forward for greater sustainability in meeting IR4.0 standards and beyond.

We know we will continue to evolve; defining new ways to alleviate labour-intensive jobs by remote operators; effectively mitigating future risks and uncertainties; with improved productivity and efficiency, an edge in the turf of competition.

MiDAgS™, an innovative-evolution in agriculture, owned and operated by Arinaa Kambyan Berhad – “Elevating Mankind with Technology.”

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